Friday, December 26, 2008

David Kahn Jeans: Flutter, Dec 16th!

Known for his charisma and attention to detail, Los Angeles Designer, David Kahn had a fabulous time with his in store appearance, December 16th, at the Flutter store in San Marino, California. During my interview time with Kahn, I asked him the following: "What were you most looking forward to with the store appearance?" According to Kahn, "seeing the wonderful staff at Flutter and embracing the loyal customers, made my in person appearance memorable and fun". In my opinion, the Kahn jean has a clean, sleek fit and the short commerical videos on his website, a true delight to watch. Here's a link to one of them: Photos: David Kahn & Flutter


pARRIS hARRIS'S P.H.ashion.TV said...

David Kahn Jeans luv them so

Chip said...

Mr. the piece. Your work is inspiring! Thank you.

XXXX said...

Flutters and David Kahn Jeans ..What a great team !!

Veronica said...

Parris -

thanks for setting it all up - it was my pleasure - till next time then, V.

ps - to the others, x's 4 ur comments, V.