Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lucilla Booyzen, South Africa's Fashion Icon!

Lucilla Booyzen, (top L) Founder/Director, Sanlam SA Fashion Week is a fashion icon that can be used in the same sentence as Vivienne Westwood, Coco Chanel and Donna Karan. They are all remarkable in their own right. Booyzen together with the city of Sandton City, South Africa, made news by delivering the first ever fashion parade that brought the collections to the public away from the exclusive invite-only norm of Fashion Week. According to Sandton City, Marketing Manager, Karen Elson, "everyone was invited". Runway Productions together with Sandton City produced the fashion parade where 100 models made their mark on the 1kilometer (0.6 miles) catwalk in Johannesburg (October 24 - 26). The featured 7 designers were Jo Borkett; Julian; Marion and Lindie; Black Coffee; Jenni Button; Stoned Cherrie and Ephymol who were selected by Booyzen. If New York, London or Paris produced this concept, I wonder what area of space they will use as the 0.6 miles to catwalk paradise? Images: (L) Lucilla Booyzen: Robert Hamlin & (R) Sandton City Fashion Parade: Peter Morey