Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eco-Ganik Spring 2009: Q & A, Far East Living

Q: "From Eco-Ganik Spring 2009 Collection, Smashbox Studios/MBFW which item/s would you order for Far East Living and why?"

A: “Although the collection overall could have benefitted from a little more ingenuity, there are a few items that I would indeed consider buying for my boutique. A simple blue racer-back hooded vest that I feel could add a touch of sassiness to spice up any outfit. A flirty high-neck sleeveless blouse with a bow accent in a beautiful earthy green. Finally, a fun yet super sexy maxi dress in a bold print with a plunging neckline and criss-cross back featuring a dramatic slit down the middle of the skirt which reveals a hidden second layer to the skirt.” Photos: MBFW

Ester Yei Shih
Principal Designer
Far East Living