Sunday, August 22, 2010

Single Style in Dunedin

As I mentioned in a previous post, Designer, Galina Sobolev, sent me a few of her pieces to "try out, critque and review". In photos above, I wore the black, beaded LBD to an art and wine event in Dunedin, Florida last week. The dress received numerous compliments during the night which was great. However, in my opinion, since the dress has a lining, I think that it will be best suited during the fall season. For readers who love this design, Galina has this dress available in similiar profiles. View the following links for variations on the design: 
. Bravo TV - Housewives from Atlanta -  Here is the link to watch the video clip... the Single design is around the 1:37 mark!
. Single - view the dress online: -

Thanks, Galina. Next, I'll wear the black, fuschia dress.
Best V. Photos: 2bfree

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