Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lucilla Booyzen: Women of the Year Award!

Dynamic; tenacious; groundbreaking and modest are some of the adjectives that I would put alongside Lucilla Booyzen, who a few weeks ago won the "Checkers/Shoprite Women of the Year Award" in Johannesburg, South Africa, in the Corner Shop to Big Business Makers Category. Booyzen, who is best known for her work as the Founder & Director of South Africa's premium fashion week, SA Fashion Week, is a women that has empowered many a small, micro and medium sized enterprised business in the "New South Africa". Congratulations, Lucilla on your win! 
Any chance that Booyzen would let us in on her life via her tweets; blog or FB page as some our other fashion players are doing? I.e. Bryanboy; Garance; Hanneli M & Stylebubble? Best V. 

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