Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dirtee Hollywood Collaborates


During LA Fashion Week, Dirtee Hollywood will collaborate with RonRobinson I Fred Segal on debuting The Molly Crabapple Collection, Thursday March 18, 6pm - 9pm.

I love the "trophy wife" t-shirt of which Dirtee Hollywood has a similiar one when it applies to the "trophy husband". For the fashion collaboration, Molly Crabapple Martinis will be served compliments of Monster Energy with scrumpious cupcakes by Luscious Organic Desserts. In my opinion, RonRobinson I Fred Segal, is a great selection for venue on this fashion collobaration given the fact that in 2007, Fred Segal, won "Retailier of the Year", LA Fashion Awards. I'm sure Fred Segal is still on top of their game. Can't wait to see event images after the fact, V.


(L) Sharon Segal, LA Fashion Awards

(R) Veronica Viljoen, Desyn

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