Friday, August 22, 2008

SSAFW 2008/09 - New Direction!

Sanlam SA Fashion Week (SSAFW), now in it’s 12th year is about to do something that is unprecedented within the circles of high fashion: showcase fashion designers alongside traditional crafters. For years, we have all seen the intricacies of hand stitching; countless embroidery; beading and ornamentation on the catwalks of Oscar De La Renta; Prada; Vera Wang and Jean Paul Gaultier with no or little reference to the crafters responsible for the end result. On the other hand, SSFAW will show their Summer 2008/09 Collections, 27 – 30 August, debuting the Fashion Fusion Collection that celebrates local crafters and designers workmanship. According to Lucilla Booyzen, Founder/Director, SSAFW, “the fused collaboration will focus on South Africa's rich hand craft heritage alongside the dynamic edge of contemporary design”. Maybe the international stage will follow suit? - SSAFW Press Coverage: The Frock Report - Images: SSAFW - Cooper PR/Photographer, Jurie Potgieter & Gaultier -