Friday, August 15, 2008

Designer, Yotam Solomon-Arrival in LA!

Who: Designer, Yotam Solomon
What: 1st Showroom in LA - 22 Bond St, Concept Showroom
Where: 126 North La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. 90036
When: July 2008
For Fall 2008, Yotam Solomon went with a variety of versatality and statement colors, demonstarting the different forces in nature such as fire, ice, wind bearing in mind the nuances of a sunset or the breaking of a new day. As I viewed his Collection, I noticed that Solomon used cut-outs in strategic places within the design of his garments. A play on tease.
Q: "What is it about cut-outs that you like since I see it in a few of your pieces?"
A: "The cut-outs are located on features of the female body that are not the usual focal points and by bringing attention to them, I aim to empower women by showing every beautiful aspect about them".