Sunday, February 26, 2012

Music & Skinny Jeans: Gram's Place

Guitars: intrical part of Gram's Place.
Yesterday, I decided to go and listen to music at Gram's Place. When deciding on what to wear, I went for my skinny jeans. Here's an image of what I decided to wear with the jeans:
Gram's Place reminds alot of Don Pedro's in Cape Town, South Africa. The energy is laid back, easy and sensuality is in the air. While at Gram's Place I took some images with my cell phone. As you view them, you can tell that it's time I bring out my other camera. Will keep you posted. Images from last night:

Audience @ Gram's Place listening to the music.

The stage is light with colorful lights
Now that I have more than one pair of skinnys to wear, I may just wear skinnys again when I visit Bruce Holland and his staff @ Gram's Place. It's a wrap, V.

Jeans for the Lady,

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