Friday, February 11, 2011

53rd Grammy's - A Tribute to Aretha Franklin

During the 53rd Grammy Awards, February 13th, artists will be paying tribute to Aretha Franklin. In the short snippet that I saw earlier on television this evening, Jennifer Hudson, was rehearsing a song for the segment that will honour Aretha Franklin. I'm looking forward to that part of the program to hear the interpretations of the artist's songs and to see what Aretha will be wearing to the Grammy's. I also wonder how Kimberly Goodnight's event went as part of the many pre-grammy events that Hollywood is having at this time.
I'll inquire to see what Dunedin will be doing as it relates to watching the Grammy's. Here's an image from my last "style event" that I attended in Dunedin - 

It's a wrap, V.

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Veronica Viljoen said...

in tne end, Aretha did not attend