Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SINGLE: try, test and review their designs!

The world of fashion blogging has evolved so much from the years when I first started to blog in 2007. One of the major changes is the disclosure law regarding gifts we receive as bloggers which is so different from my time  when I worked for magazines.
With magazines there was no paper trail on what we reviewed and  received as critics, but being as it may, I am excited to try my hand at reviewing the designs from Single which I received last week.
When I opened the box from Single I only expected one design to review but as a bonus Celebrity Designer, Galina Sobolev, suprised me and send me added two designs. I'm looking forward to this assignment as I keep in mind what other bloggers like Fashiontoast;   Sea of Shoes;  The Coveted and Bryanboy are doing as it relates to style review posts. I'll do the three seperate reviews on the Single designs in photo above soon. For more on Single: or follow Galina's blog on  Photos: (L) Single (R) VVS
Thanks again, Galina and the Single team!

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