Friday, April 30, 2010

Fern Mallis LLC

Unveiling Of Plans For Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week At Lincoln Center

Every now and again, we all make changes in our lives that take our feet along a different yet similiar path. Fern Mallis, VP, IMG, has left the company in order to start Fern Mallis LLC. As a fashion blogger, I have a keen interest to see what changes Mallis will bring to press registration and accreditation with the Spring 2011 season in September since she now has IMG as one of her clients? According to the press release, "IMG has partnered with Fashion GPS to streamline press registration and guest check-in onsite. Current Fashion GPS subscribers can access IMG's seating plan within the current system. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center will also offer expanded rooms; a new designer seating system and multiple restaurants and cafes". With the collections taking place September 9-16, let's see what criteria fashion bloggers will now need inorder to obtain press accreditation? If anyone gets to know before me, let me know via the comment section of my blog, Desyn. To Fern Mallis, continued success in your new, yet similiar path. Best V.
Video Clip  -
how Fashion GPS can work for a PR company (People's Revolution) as seen on Kell on Earth - BravoTV

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