Saturday, January 9, 2010

South African Fashion Week – 2010

new year!
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Q & A:
In Conversation with Lucilla Booyzen, Founder & Director -

South African Fashion Week:

1. the name change by December 2009 -
Q: "How do you feel about Sanlam SA Fashion Week re-named SA Fashion Week?"
A: "We are very excited to have our own identity back since there are many restrictions when you link your brand with a sponsor. For example, the freedom that is so needed within the creative process is not always possible as you have to incorporate the brand that gives you the funding. However, on the other hand, linking our brand to Sanlam was not only beneficial to us at SA Fashion Week but also to the designers. Sanlam being a financial institution gave the SA Creative Fashion Design Industry the credibility that they needed to forge ahead. The designers learnt a lot about the business of fashion through the mentorship programs that Sanlam did during 2009”.

2. the other fashion weeks in South Africa -
Q: "As far as you know have the other fashion weeks in South Africa joined the new media industry with a presence on Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube or a Blog hosting site?"
A: "I am not aware of it"

3. the archives -
Q: "Which platform are you using to document the archives of past collections of SA Fashion Week?
A: "We document all material so the information is available by contacting our office directly".

4. xmas 2009 -
Q: "In a previous interview you mentioned that for Xmas 2009 you are supporting designs made by hand. Do you think that the website Etsy can be an option for those artists to promote their work and gain global recognition? In my opinion, Etsy, happens to be the most innovative website for handmade products. Looking forward to your take on the matter as it relates to South Africa's talent.
A:"I think it will be a great platform. We will look into Etsy as a marketing option for the artists and designers".

5. your inner-circle -
Q: "As you continue to direct the path of SA Fashion Week, who would you count as insiders to your inner-circle when it comes to key decisions?
A: "There is only a hand full of people in South Africa that really know about fashion so in general I consult them. We also have great dialog with the designers when it comes to anything that has a direct influence on them. They are very much part of the decision making process".

Peroni; L'Oreal Paris; Swarovski; Iman Cosmetics and MAC Cosmetics are global brands that have been affiliated with SA Fashion Week over the years. I can’t wait to see what Lucilla Booyzen and her team produces for the next season in 2010. It’s a wrap, V.

Links - SA Fashion Week:
Website – .

Blog – .

Twitter - .

YouTube - .

Lunar - .

Colleen Eitzen - .

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Anonymous said...

Hello there. I am an American, totally in love with SA Fashion week shows and trends and share your information with my friends. However, what is most challenging is contacting several designers or finding stockists in the USA, or even Canada. I'd like to know who has product that I can purchase without traveling to SA(although it is high on my wish list). I sing for a living and would love to wear some of the fantastic styles I see, especially the cultural styles and statements from many of the designers (stoned cherrie, sungoddess etc.) thanks for your time.

Veronica Viljoen said...

Colleen Eitzen is available from Larainne Kaplan in Canada - - - -

I'll check as it relates to Stoned Cherrie and Sungoddess -

can u e-mail me ur contact info and link to ur site - and i'll b glad 2 fwd info 2 u - best V.

Veronica Viljoen said...

my e-mail address:

Angie said...

You can find a 3 year archive of SA Fashion Week collections on

Veronica Viljoen said...

thanks angie -

Veronica Viljoen said...

Dear Anonymous,
I e-mailed ur question 2 SAfrica and here's the answer: "what I would like to suggest is that you e-mail me your request at and I will contact the designers and see if they can make a design for your performance. I am sure there is a way to do this. I would also need your profile and website address. Sincerely Lucilla Booyzen".

Anonymous said...

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