Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas Wishes 2009

December 24:
Xmas is only hours away around the globe. As is tradition, we all think about what we would really like to receive or give for Xmas. The green Moncler Thym jacket in this month’s Vanity Fair makes my wish list to receive for myself. Designer, Beth Springer, selected a metallic Clam Shell (gold or platinum) as the Beth Springer 2009 holiday ‘it’ bag for her clients because the holidays are filled with sparkly nights and impromptu fun when I inquired about her wish list. On the other hand, Lucilla Booyzen, Founder & Director, SA Fashion Week, stated that “I do not have the need for any presents this year. The space that I am in at the moment and I hope for the rest of my life is a more spiritual space where all I want is wisdom to do what I do as it relates to SA Fashion Week and to have love all around me”. And what would a Xmas wish list be like without shoes? Fred Segal, who specializes in fashion clients, is currently highlighting the Valentino shoe which just hit my e-mail inbox. I love the use of the black lace in the shoe detail. Merry Xmas to my readers and embrace the gifts you have either given and/or received. Best V.
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