Friday, June 26, 2009

New Media: staying connected!

Twitter; Myspace; Facebook; Blogger and Youtube are newmedia sites that allow us to produce our own media segments. With this phenomonia in mind, I inquired from Sanlam South African Fashion Week (Lucilla Booyzen and Danielle Armer) how they use new media to promote their designers.
Q & A:
Q: "How has Sanlam South African Fashion Week's Facebook site benefited your designers?" A: "Our Facebook page has been an enormous help in networking with both international and local fashion industry people". Q: "Will Sanlam South African Fashion Week have a blog soon?" A: "We are in the process of setting it up." Q: "And will SSAFW have a Twitter page in the near future?" A: "We are looking into it." Soon SSAFW will be fully connected to new media. It's a wrap, V. Photos (L) TIME, June 2009 (R) Media Room - SSAFW 2009 (D. Armer)

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Veronica Viljoen said...

in my opinion, new media has been one of the best developments -