Friday, May 1, 2009

P3R in Hollywood: Red Carpet Ready!

Jane Morton Owen, P3R, is the brain behind a new phenomena of providing the service of "being red carpet ready" in Hollywood. As a Fashion Critic, I have gotten talent ready for the carpet in the past, so I have a personal, interest in the services that P3R offers to the industry.
Q & A: Jane Morton Owen, P3R - Q - "What does your company offer the talent and stylist which is different from existing pr companies?"
A - "Personality!! ....There's a lot more to it that that, but at the core its personality. The idea behind P3R is to be more than just a PR company - we do all the things that regular PR companies do, but in addition, we have a permanent gifting suite in our offices where celebrities come in personally and pick out clothing and accessories to wear on the red carpet! We have a photographer take portraits of them and we service those directly to the press. It's instant coverage! We also work with stores and boutiques to make sure that the press we get our clients equals sales for the designers. Our goal is to make our clients as successful as possible. We get them everything from editorial exposure; exclusive celebrity portraits; television show placements and new revenue. P3R is a group of dedicated people who all love what we do and love our clients.

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