Friday, January 30, 2009

Bebe Fashion Show at Skybar

Photographer, Glenn Francis, Pacific Pro Digital, in my opinion knows how to capture sensuality in a woman thru his lens. On December 31st, 2008, Francis captured the “Black and White Masquerade Ball” at Skybar, Mondrian, 8440 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, while a captivating audience viewed the delightful fashions from Bebe at the event. Ruffles, satin, sheer and luxury were in abundance, not to mention the Pussy Cat Dolls Lipstick Vintage Striped Balconet Bra seen top left on Larysa Poznyak.
Photos: Pacific Pro Digital


Veronica Viljoen said...

comment on review via my e-mail inbox - this one is from the photographer, Glenn Francis - x's much, V.

very nice. thanks!.......... -Glenn

Veronica Viljoen said...

this comment is from PhasionTV,

Your work it always so marvelous .Luv the piece on BeBe !