Friday, October 3, 2008

Niki Shadrow - Goes Global

Niki Shadrow (L)
filming a TV appearance for VH1
with her producing
partner Dean
Rutherford (R)

Celebrity Stylist, Life Style Editor and Style Expert, Niki Shadrow, has established her brand as the “go-to” girl as it relates to wardrobe styling and running magazines in Hollywood. Over the years Paris Hilton, Kimberly Caldwell, The Pussycat Dolls, Lauren Conrad and Amanda Bynes have all been styled by Shadrow. So it was only fitting that Shadrow celebrated the launch of the Niki Shadrow website in a theatrical way with “Totally 80’s Night Out” as the theme, Saturday, September 20 at Aqua Lounge, 424 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills.
Q & A:
Viljoen –
“What did you want the Niki Shadrow Web Launch Party to achieve?”
Shadrow – “My goal for the launch party of was to show the world what I do. People think that I am so many things, for example, Publicist, Event Planner or Event Coordinator
that are not accurate. However, I am a Celebrity Stylist, Life Style Editor and Style Expert who has been at it for over a decade and I hope that my website launch party will communicate it to my guests and my website viewers”. Images: Niki Shadrow