Saturday, September 13, 2008

NY Fashion Week-Spring 2009

My favorite pick!

Charlotte Ronson - New York Fashion Week ended a few hours ago. I took a look at some of The Collections via the net and to my surprise, I liked the designs of Charlotte Ronson. Her quirky, playful, girly styled reminded me of my teenage years in Cape Town, South Africa. At first, I assumed that it was the notoriety of her sister, Samantha, linked to Lindsay Lohan, that put her on the fashion radar. Looks like I was wrong. Her design talent, stands on it's own legs. Sometimes as Critics we just assume that the family name has a bigger buzz than the new talent within the family. One that note, Solange Knowles, let the world know, I am not my sister in no uncertain terms. So much for riding on the coat tails of your family name and my assumption of Charlotte Ronson's design talent. The rest of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week program can be viewed via It's a wrap, V. Photos: MBFashion Week