Friday, July 18, 2008

Marnee Simon, Cosmetic Magician!

Empress -

Uce Magazine July 2008

Marnee Simon, interviewed:

“What was the inspiration behind the Empress project?” “I was looking at an Asian infused fabric from a Roberto Cavalli gown and I really loved the flower that just popped out at me.” “Who did you collaborate with on the project?” “I worked with a team that I adore. They were Photographer, Abbe Foreman; Hair Stylist, Sina Washington and Retoucher, Nissrine from France. “What was the purpose for the Empress collaboration?” ”The Empress spread was shot exclusively for the July issue of UCE Magazine. In my opinion, is one of the finest online magazines. “What project will you be working on next?” “City Of Motherly Love" is a project that I am extremely proud to have been hired for by Filmaker/Director, and Producer, Natalie Paige Bentley". It’s a wrap, V. Marnee Simon