Friday, July 4, 2008

Free For All! - WORLD PREMIERE, July 4th

On Thursday, June 26, 2008 at the Clarity Theater, Beverly Hills, California, Filmmaker, John Wellington Ennis’, Shoot First Inc. presented the call-to-action political documentary FREE FOR ALL!, which premieres online at for free, starting today, July 4, 2008.
Highlights on the Red Carpet were the politically inspired t-shirts worn by attendees, Holly Mosher, Executive Producer, "Please Arrest Bush"; Filmmaker, John Wellington Ennis' "Grand Theft Ohio" and 2BFree Photograher, "Impeach the Son-of-A-Bush while there was a crime scene processed voting machine, symbolizing attempts to steal America's democracy. The voting machine was the actual one from Dade County Florida's 2000 Election where the famous "chad" debacle and recount occured. Ennis is also co-founder of Video the Vote

Headline photo/people:
(L) Richard Perez (M) Holly Mosher (R) John Wellington Ennis
Photos: 2BFree Inc. Fashion Critic: Veronica Viljoen