Friday, May 30, 2008

SSAFW Lands International Appeal!

(L) Cosmetic Artist, Marnee Simon Photo:Abbe Foreman
(R) SSAFW Artist, Annette Dannhauser Photo: Johnny Sims
Los Angeles, CA: May 30, 2008. By Veronica Viljoen SSAFW (Sanlam South Africa Fashion Week) now in its 12th year perked the interest of Philadelphia, Cosmetic Magician, Marnee Simon, when Simon noticed the SSAFW Five Roses visual by Artist, Annette Dannhauser, on FashionEdge7. Added interest to Dannhauser’s Five Roses visual came from Photographer, Red Baklava, San Antonio, Texas. Then, Actress, Natasha Nova, expressed interest in wearing the “Marilyn Wrap” by SSAFW Designer, Colleen Eitzen to an event while at Cannes International Film Festival in Nice, France. In the meantime, Lucilla Booyzen, Founder and Director, SSAFW, shared with me how well SSAFW Fall 2008 was received in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. SSAFW continues to be noticed abroad.
SSAFW-Photos: Ivan Naude (C) Photo:Red Baklava