Friday, April 18, 2008

Style File - April 2008

By Veronica Viljoen

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, LA:
Celebrities at The Tents

For Fall 2008, March 9 – 13, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios, Los Angeles, offered a platform for Hollywood’s celebrities to attend a fashionable event. Lauren Conrad, Paris Hilton, Kristie Alley, Lisa Rinna and P.Diddy were among some of the celebrities seen at The Tents. This season mostly lesser known designer names showed at The Tents while the more established names either showed in New York or off-venue sites around Los Angeles. Designers, Orthodox, Whitley Kros, Joseph Domingo, Nicholoi, Elmer Ave, Ashley Paige and Pussycat Dolls (photo above) by Robin Antin were some of the names on the program. Despite, the mix in fashion genre, the Fall 2008 collections in LA were stimulating and celebrity spotting to the eye.

Celebrities at The Tents:

Kathy & Rick Hilton

(L) Lauren Conrad (R) Juliette Lewis

Celebrity Stylist, Nick Chavez

In my opinion, a celebrity in her own right within the fashion industry, Fern Mallis, 7th on Sixth/IMG, has been significantly absent at the Los Angeles shows this last season. Or is it just a case of my path not crossing with hers? Till my next post, it's a wrap - V.

Pussycat Dolls: MBFashion Week

Kathy & Rick Hilton, Nick Chavez: Glenn Francis

Lauren Conrad, Juliette Lewis: Veronica Viljoen


Kanani said...

Well, I'm glad someone recognized all those people. I didn't! There was such a sea of well groomed, impeccably turned out people, my head was spinning! Mainly I talked to the other journalists and writers. And let's just say, we were decidedly more humble in appearance and apparel!

Veronica said...
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Veronica said...

in my opinion, the fashion collections at "The Tents in LA" need a ............rise in design excellence -

till next time,