Friday, March 21, 2008

Style File - March 2008

Gives Back To Africa!

Los Angeles, CA.
By Veronica Viljoen.

Who: United Colors Of Benetton

What: Donated T-Shirts

Where: Two Sisters Orphanage, White River, South Africa

When: February 2008

"The t-shirts were a gift from The United Colors Of Benetton for the children associated with Dancing 4 Kids at the Two Sisters Orphanage run by Patrick Chamusso. In the photo, (above), taken by D4K Photographer, Red Baklava, we felt it fitting to capture their enthusiasm and share the image with the world as Benetton aided in giving the children something to show that they matter. The t-shirts are a symbol to the children that they are not forgotten", Chrissi Theodorakakos, Project Manager D4K.

Jack Rabbit Trunk Show
Fall 2008

Viljoen: "What has been the highlight for Jack Rabbit Fall 2008?"

Volk: "We saw our Lulu quilted bag (above) styled for Actress, Lucy Liu in Cashmere Mafia that aired on ABC".

One day after the Fall 2008 Trunk Show, the Los Angeles Times featured The Concord bag (tan bag in photo) in the lead section of the fashion review segment.,1,4605004.story

LA Direct Mag - Feb 2008 Launch Party, GOA-Hollywood

Editor-at-Large, Andre Leon Talley, Vogue (above) attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios, Orthodox Fall 2008, Sunday, March 9th. After the showing, I noticed that Talley opted to exit and not visit the designer back stage. In the lounge, a fellow critic described the Orthodox Collection as "underwhelmed", a far cry from leaving us overwhelmed.

On the other hand, Founder & Director, Sanlam SA Fashion Week (SA - South Africa), Lucilla Booyzen described the Fall 2008 Collections at her event as follows when I interviewed Booyzen the last day of their fashion week on the phone:

Booyzen, (L), "For me, the Collections were extremely exciting. I saw designs that highlighted individuality. The designers presented us with designs that were not ethnic in nature. Instead, the designers delivered workmanship that spoke of a new sense of direction that make our fashions sure to fuse on the international runways of high fashion".

South Africa's Fall 2008 Collections Designer, Colleen Eitzen

It's a Wrap, Veronica
Till my next post, Friday March 28th

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Other Credits:
D4K: PR & Marketing - Teresa Harrow

D4K: Fundraising & Business Development Director -Chrissi Theodorakakos

Cashmere Mafia

Photo Credits In Article Sequence:
  • Benetton Headline Image - David Sims/Benetton

  • D4K /children in Benetton t-shrits - Red Baklava/Dancing 4 Kids © 2008

  • American Rag - Veronica Viljoen

  • Jack Rabbit Trunk Show - Johnny Sims

  • LA Direct Magazine Launch Party - Veronica Viljoen

  • Andre Leon Talley - Veronica Viljoen

  • Lucilla Booyzen - Robert Hamblin

  • Colleen Eitzen - SSAFW/Ivan Naude


Kanani said...

I was underwhelmed because of the utter lack of color. My comparisons come from literature, and when I see black after black collection, I begin to think it's like reading lots of books only in one genre that are all using the same devices. So much so, they become a cliché.

I love your photography. Wonderful! And the photo you got of Mr. Talley is great. I see he smiled for you. You must have charmed him.

Lena said...

Thanks so much for the spot on your blog - it looks great! Check out the cover of today’s WWD, our patchwork bag is front and center.

Thanks for the support - keep in touch for future events.

Cheers, Jack Rabbit

Veronica said...

Kanani & Lena,
thanks for posting your comments on my blog, much appreciated -

Kanani - yep, the photo-op with Mr Talley was the best - one of my hightlights looking back to the Fall 2008 Collections in LA,

I'm looking forward to receiving the WWD clip on Monday -

to you both,
till next time, V.

Red Baklava said...


I like the format used for your blog! It's crisp, clean & easily digestable. It's refreshing to see someone cover the industry in a "straight to the point" manner. I wish you well & thanks for the fine reporting.

Ciao & Be Ez

- Red

Veronica said...

Red, it was a true pleasure working with you on the "Benneton article" -

when I first reviewed your images, I could not resist requesting the Benneton image - continue to capture within the frame, V.