Sunday, October 14, 2007

Attending press, hours to show time! - LA Fashion Week/Spring 2008

Sunday, October 14, 2007.

I arrived in Hollywood a few years ago, after graduating from the University of North Alabama with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. As a Freelance Fashion Critic, I'm just hours away from observing the new, fresh designs from LA's fashion industry hot off the runway. The weather is a little cool, but still good as we bundle up in "sunny California" and get ready for a hectic week of fashion delight.

However, the downside of LA's Fashion Week is the press check-ins after each show not to mention the seperate rsvp's needed for each show. When I first started to cover LA Fashion Week, I thought that some of the redtape was just directed at me since I was affiliated with a foreign publication. Over time, I came to realize that press check-in headaches are the norm even if you are affliated with a US publication.

Here's the short and the long of press check-in at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week LA to date:

The check-in tables: guest, one line - press/buyers, one line.

Sometimes, you just wait your turn to make it to check-in as press despite your invitation in hand.

Once you've made it thru the press check-in, received a "seat" or "standing" - you join a new line on the inside of the tent, outside of the venue - i.e. The Main Tent, The Light Box etc. Photographers who shoot The Collections, do not have to stand in these lines - by this time, most of them have marked their places on the crowded press pit.

Once you are inside the show venue, the wait continues. (Carmen Electra - front row/5th from L).

A few moments between attending one show and press check-ins for the next show - (L) Fashion Critic, Veronica Viljoen confirms interview timeslot with Designer, Kevan Hall (R).

A-List Celebrities attend The Collections. Actress, Sara Ramirez/Grey's Anatomy at Sue Wong's Spring 2007 Collection.

But, The Collections are worth the wait!
Designer, Sue Wong - curtain call.

The Road to Hollywood is usually captured in camera lens frame. Veronica Viljoen will be attending in a few hours. I've decided to view less Collections this season. Post reviews on my blog, freelance and see which A-List Celebrities I can capture in film on the Red Carpet during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios. Despite, the "press check-in" drill, I and many other fashion press will return inorder to catch the new, sizzle in fashion history straignt from Hollywood's fashion runways. It's a Wrap - V.

All photos: Johnny Sims.

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